Major aim of the Candle Design brand is a manufacture of the high quality and original wax candles with high attention to detail.

Quality workmanship within our manual production process is our family tradition. We would like to introduce our "Sailboat"

floating candle products within the following pages. Floating candles shaped like a little papermade boat are some nostalgic reminiscence of our carefree younger days. Their shape, pastel colour shades would attract anyone of you. Sailing boat contours are not only aesthetic but also functional. Our floating candles are designated for still water surfaces from small cups up to garden pools. There is a quite wide application of our "Sailboat" floating candles as they may be used as designer's interior complement just like wedding party or event decorations with symbolic significance. There are no limits for fantasy and imagination..


Colorful packaging for floating candles Sailboat
Design floating candles in paper boat shape
Gift packaging for floating candles Sailboat
Floating candles made by Candle Design
Design floating candle in paper boat shape
Floating candles as the wedding gifts for wedding guests
boat candles - floating candles
Origami floating candles
Floating candles Sailboat in bowl with water
Packaging of boat candles  - 22pack
22 floating candles Sailboat in one colour shade
6 coloured floating candles
Packaging for 6 floating candles Sailboat in paper boat shape
boat candles in pastel colour
Floating candles from Candle Design
Origami candles
Boat candles

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